Thursday, 11 February 2010

re POEM 19

A Salford District

A Foster beer can, Walkers crisp wrapper,
left-hand leather glove and a disabled umbrella
looking like a treehouse crumbled in a Tornado,

scattered by the banks of the canal, strewn
between mottled ducks traveling at yoga pace
with the poise of a sublime Buddha. I even

suspect that these creatures are laughing
with incredulity at the profanity of human
split-second decisions; indifference in this fringe

of cobbled urban space. Or it could be they
are tanked on leaked 4.5% beverage - a leverage
in seeing roses instead of debris.

Catherine Mark

1 comment:

pissipissi baobao said...

Our 4.5% beverages act as rose colored glasses for all. Our indifference to our mark on our environment and surroundings is mind-boggling.