Thursday, 24 December 2009


Hello everyone... it's been a while and I apologise for neglecting my blog space since mid Nov. It has been a crazy busy time in the last couple of months... searching for a place to rent (15 viewings later - I finally, moved into a house in Salford on 7th Dec)... anticipating Joel's arrival from Oz (he landed on 14th Dec)... juggling full-time work since Sept which has been quite busy and stressful in a difficult work environment... and thinking (yes, doing more 'thinking' than 'writing') about my MMU poetry portfolio due this summer '10... and engaged in a 'photography as contemporary art' course which was fab! fab! fab! - I'm hoping to post some of my work in the new year! Well, it's lovely having hubby around after quite some time living apart and it's great to be finally on holiday from work. Since Friday 18th Dec, I've been lazying around, resting, pottering, and vegging out in front of the tele. Having a quiet Christmas and New Year with Joel in Manchester. Back at work on the 4th of Jan. And I will try and be more active blogwise in 2010.

For now, I leave you with a photo of me and Joel taken outside my last residence (which I shared with my cousin since March)... very snowy and very Christmassy. Well, here's wishing all my bloggy friends, followers and readers (old and new) a fabulous festive season. Have fun whatever you get up to! See you all (virtually) in the new year :)