Monday, 8 February 2010

re POEM 16

Hoorah... I'm just over the halfway hump :) Many thanks to all of you who are supporting me in my current fundraising endeavour by reading and leaving a comment. I really appreciate your motivating kudos across the blogwaves :) Thank you, all...

Job hunting

convoluted as tracking
gulper eels across currents
(even if tagged with sensors
sewn into silk skin);

their migration through Atlantic
waters an epic jaunt, similar
to my job search in wintry
economic climate:

chasing jobs on-line,
in local papers, job boards,
pulling networking chords,

slippery... opportunities slip...

though I keep fingers firmly crossed,
in hope of something right
being clinched on time
for end-of-month billing chimes.

The oxygen snuffed, my gills
of survival suffering
from hours poring
over liquid laptop,

under the weight of residual
stress triggered by toxic
game of workplace ‘politics
and chess’; another experience
to survive in this ocean
that is life.

Catherine Mark


JM said...

Congratulations once again! Half way to go... :-)

pissipissi baobao said...

Job hunting is depressing. I share your pain in working towards finding some kind of footing amidst the torrential wave of uncertainty we find ourselves in.