Monday, 5 April 2010

POEM: Bananas and buzzards

I’ll race you to Oyiboland

where we’ll feast on

bananas and buzzards...

is what I might have said to my boy

cousin whose hands were chained

to a pole in the middle of our Umugbede


chained up all day and all night,

he cussed all night and all day.

Mad, he was.

Catherine Mark


Dina said...

Shalom Catherine, hope your Easter was joyful and blessed.
I'm here catching up on your poems. You write from a place, and from so many places, that most poets have never known.

Gerry Boyd said...

Very deft.

Nevine said...

Catherine, I've just come from Cynthia's blog, and from reading your interview with her, which I enjoyed a great deal. I wanted to stop in and take a look at your writing, and I am very impressed by your style. I do like the bluntness of this piece... it's very fitting.


Printemps said...

I'm back and i enjoyed reading this poem Catherine - always refreshing...yes, we'll feast on bananas and buzzards...and i go mad.

CathM said...

@Dina - Thank you for your generous comments. Lovely to have you stop by.

@Gerry - I always tingle when I get a 'thumbs-up' comment from you. Thank you.

@Nevine - Welcome to my blogspace. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment both here and on Cynthia's site. I appreciate your positive thoughts. Looking forward to staying connected with you.

@Printemps - Lovely to have you back, my friend. Welcome :)

Khaled KEM said...

Hi Catherine,

It is always a pleasure to stop by and read your poems. You have a unique style that I admire. I can also sense the tremendous progress you are making in your art.

I will be honoured if I can post one of your poems on my blog for the national poetry month (30 poems/30 days).

You can choose the poem you prefer.

Thank you

kenflett said...

Hi Catherine, you have been busy.
So beautiful what you write, filled with yourself, filled with a passion.
Makes me feel good to read your words.

Lilly Jones said...

Hi sis,

Mad he was. Yet oh so sad!

Have a great week.