Friday, 26 March 2010

Poem: Guinea Fowl

This is one I'm reworking...

He traipses along with dog in tow
splattering of black and beige dancing

about feet. On his back rests a guitar
wrapped in bizarre colourful sarape.

Within minutes the pair arrive their daytime
destination: Sainsburys. He unpacks his tool –

begins to strum a stream of dated tunes,
bringing to life 1980s ghouls. Eight o’clock:

humanity ascends, fills the streets like humming
midges; man in tweed coat, paunched woman

with crucifix dangling from her throat, veiled woman
pushing silent pram. In the foreground: youth bristle

a gregarious animation of rooks. And he remains
unnoticed, a guinea fowl foraging beneath soggy leaves.

Catherine Mark


cheryl said...

I've often seen buskers on the street, playing and singing but wonder does anyone else appreciate them and their talent.
Nice !

Cynthia said...

Reminds me of a current version
of Lady Chatterly's lover. The
lover wasn't someone she would
notice, for he looked poor.
Until...very good character
portrait, Catherine.

JM said...

Really cool you have chosen the guinea fowl, it's a favourite bird of mine! :-)

Cynthia said...

Tried to email you Catherine, but
every once in a while my computer
gets tempermental, please let me
know if I got anything wrong on
our dialogue. Thank you again!

lissa said...

lots of details like a tale, definitely a new perspective coming from the guinea fowl, though it kind of makes me think the guinea fowl is not quite alive

heavealie said...

this was interesting and complicated indeed!!reminded me of robin williams from august rush.i liked the way you used both the man as well as the guinea fowl going unnoticed in this busy life of ours in which we forget to appreciate the smaller things in life,simpler music filling the air early morning,in this hustle and bustle called life we have forgotten what life really is!!really well written,beautiful!!keep writing!!

CathM said...

@Cheryl - Your comment mirrors the poem's sentiments exactly. Thank you for stopping by :)

@Cynthia - I appreciate your comparison... thank you!

@JM - Ah, I'm glad I've pleased someone with a 'guinea fowl' mention (lol)!

@Lissa - Perhaps reflecting on the half dead, half alive personas of buskers... there, but not really there. Pleased to have you stop by and comment.

@Heavealie - Indeed, isn't it wierd (and sad) how so much around us goes unnoticed until we are forced to notice. Most souls seem to fade into a zone of insignificance as we forge on with our so-interpreted "significant" lives. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a reflective comment.

Anonymous said...

Quite refreshing. You have a unique writing style. The imagery is wonderful and you've introduced me to new words like Pram and Sarape. Love it. Personally I don't see a need to rework anything but follow your inner poet. If it doesn't settle within your soul then work on it until it does.