Saturday, 17 October 2009

re Poem

Hello everyone…

Life in the last few weeks have been pretty manic - moving from part-time to full-time hours at my work place (a private college at the heart of Manchester’s city centre, where I’m teaching Business and English courses, in addition to coordinating the ESOL dept). I am also in the throes of house hunting as Joel (hubby) and I have decided to stay in the UK for the next couple of years before thinking again about moving to Australia (where Joel is from). Anyway, I just wanted to explain why I’ve been quiet blog-wise for a while… but please bear with me and I will post stuff whenever I can (although it may not be as frequent as I used to). I do hope to get a chance to catch up with some of your blogs soon. In the meantime, I leave you with a poem I penned last week…

Northern Quarter

Burlesque bohemia
tucked in the back streets
sprawled between Shudehill
and Victoria Station

tangible white noise

a pulse injected into bubble-
wrap pods

as if daring

a pin-prick to syringe
its skin, to release apocalyptic

pulsating heat
beneath blurred footfall
of outsiders
and those lost

this quarter of Northern time

Catherine Mark


Dina said...

Hi! Nice to see you and your writing again. Looks like I missed your birthday in September. Have a good new year of life. Sounds like you are working very long and hard.

I am off to 3 weeks of excavations in Tiberias tomorrow. It is 40 degrees C there. Oi.
Good luck with all your responsibilities. Shalom

Strawberry Girl said...

Excellent!! As always!

Ah, tantalizing us with a bit of your writing, while at the same time warning us of your absence... I'm sure all would agree that we miss your work.

Nevertheless, glad to see this poem, as I stated before, excellent!


Anonymous said...

Hey gorgeous one, I've missed your writing as well. Judging by your post, I see many things are happening in your life right now, all positive. Good luck in the home search. Your poem is outstanding.

Anonymous said...

Nice to read you again, Catherine. Good luck with your transitions.

I read your poem three or four times... trying to discern what background noise (exactly) distracted you from your movements. Hmm. The imagery is mysterious but personal... a peek into your word and mind.

Thank you!

Linda S. Socha said...

Wonderful to see your work again. It sounds like a time for you Darling. Looking forward to seeing you when you are wrutubg

JM said...

Nice to hear from you! Take care. Cheers

Maithri said...

Hey Cath!!

Its been too long for me... Life has been crazy...

Love reading your poetry, you have such a beautiful gift...

I cant wait to meet you when you guys head down to Australia,

Much love, M

Rogue said...

Hi Catherine. It is so good to see you again. Like you, my life has been nothing less than chaotic of late. Write when you can, but never forgot that life takes precedence. Be safe,

Lianne said...

I've noticed alot of us seem to be taking a breather. It must be a fall thing. Good luck with everything that is going on.

Cynthia said...

Oh, this poem has me jazzed
Catherine, a beat poet feel to

Printemps said...

I wish you Good Luck Catherine.

I enjoyed reading this cute poem.

Lianne said...

C, once you get back head over to my blog and pick up the little award waiting for you there.

CathM said...

Thanks everyone for all your positive thoughts, comments and well wishes. I really appreciate you stopping by and staying connected :)