Tuesday, 8 September 2009

re Poem

Here's one I penned today (so definitely a WIP)... inspired by an aerobics class that I attended today, and the fact that it will be my birthday on 12 Sept... (I'll be away in Edinburgh for the weekend as a treat)... Happy reading :)

ps HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the September born bloggers out there!

Turning 38

Green spun bars stare
hard at me

in lateral stretch on aerobic mat –

blue padding a slight elevation
as I thrust my pelvis towards
their impenetrable gaze,

up, two, three, four,
down, two, three...
squeeze, lift,
and release
with abdomen...

in a bid to dissolve
thirty-eight years of jelly
morphed on waistline, upper arms
and hips; steamroll out
worry lines and worms of cellulite...

Unfortunately, the thrusts and gusts,
the punches and jumping jacks,
can do nothing for the wiry grey hairs
that have over the past decade mushroomed
out between my pits and the patch
in the front right of my head – foliage of age;

the wild place, the wilderness
pushing up like weeds through Manchester
city tarmac, unlocking the moat
hidden in the hedgerows of life.

Catherine Mark


rebecca said...

Never has exercised promoted any form of poetry in me. Frankly, I was already tired (physically) from reading your first half of the poem - in hale, exhale, twist, lift, squeeze, release - phew! Thankfully, you decided to wax poetic and I enjoyed - quite blissfully and serenly - your latter half! HA! This was good, Cath! Very good!

Athelas said...

some people really like the wilderness. weeds are so beautiful. maybe they're nature finding its way back into your garden!

i like how you personified "green spun bars."

Anonymous said...

Gray hairs and aging are such beautiful signs of survival. I tell everyone, everyone that they are not grays of age, but silver linings of wisdom and experience. Love them for what they represent. (You will learn to, says the 45-year old redhead with massive streaks of gray.)

Lovely, inspiring writing.


Gerry Boyd said...

nice wip. as always, great rhythm and early word choice.


"in lateral stretch on aerobic mat –"

for starters, what a line.

the jelly line is really funny.

love the transition to grey hairs too.

i'm there!

overall many Bravos.

Selchie said...

funny and sort of gross somehow. he he. Nice one.

have a great birthday, all the wishes on stars, if I dont catch you before.


Printemps said...

Wonderful Birthday wishes here from a friend waltzing with you - passing through September clear blue sky.

emi said...

kiss ya !

JM said...

Happy Birthday Catherine! Hope you have a great time in Edimburgh.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm late but Happy Birthday! Only 38? Wait until you advance 2 years like me. Then the greys will really start flowin'. I love reading your poetry, it is so refreshingly different. Any environment or activity can provoke the Muse. The last two stanzas really heightens the poem. I love the analogy of life and foliage. Unique!

Greener Bangalore said...

Hiii Cath......Belated B'day wishes :)and 38 is totally unbelievable.... :)

Ponderer said...

I call those grey hairs "sunlights", belated Happy Birthday Cath and many, many more! :) Cheryl

emi said...

very good , i love it:)nice one

Judith Ellis said...

Is this suppose to be funny? I laughed, maybe because I relate. :-)

Happy Belated Birthday, Catherine!

Lianne said...

OMG I'm never exercising again (lol). Happy birthday and thanks for the birthday wish (tomorrow -- September 30th is my BD). And grey hairs popping out of places they shouldn't be. Ha!

carynwrites said...

Love it! I know what you mean, too - sometimes it seems like no matter how hard we try aging inevitable. Hope you had a great retreat in Edinburgh last month and that you had a wonderful birthday!

Lilly Jones said...

Brilliant Cath, this was awesome... is awesome. I love it. Its so simply real. I just love when the most mundane things in life can inspire or produce such a rich and vibrant picture in words.