Sunday, 5 July 2009

Re: Found Poem I

Dear readers

I’m back... HURRAH! Thank you all for your kind and supportive comments during my marathon work month. I survived June and I’m really looking forward to getting back into some creative pursuits i.e. writing and blogging. Around my work commitments this last month I attended a series of workshops which facilitated the exploration of ‘found poems’ (that is discovering poems through all manner of random places). These discoveries were uncovered via a series of interesting activities which I have enjoyed experimenting with. So, I start with a poem that was ‘found’ on a walk around MMU university campus. I hope you enjoy the read. A very different type of poem from my usual stuff (lol). Let me know what you make of it :)

“Music is the outburst of the soul”
~ Fredrick Delius ~

Do you see music...

in the glitter of star-spangled
gum portrait against tar?

in the limp mottled banana skin
tousled without care nor will?

on silver barrels settled by glass panels
of Royal Northern College of Music
beside P637SDX
behind MT07TOJ?

I wonder at the tales of
thick folded fingers
gripping steely steering wheels...

“Music has to breathe and sweat,
you have to play to live” – this James Brown
inscription sprawled around


swims along the tide
of my mental Club Phoenix.

Catherine Mark


Michelle said...

Well...I like it!

A lot...x

Printemps said...

Do you see music...

in the glitter of star-spangled
gum portrait against tar?

“Music has to breathe and sweat,
you have to play to live”

I love this...Welcome back Catherine!

Gerry Boyd said...

I love the general conceit of this, a kind of synesthesia that works well. This carried my along for a joyful ride. Bravo!

Strawberry Girl said...

I love it Cath, gotta try out the method if this cool kind of flowing thought comes out!!

lissa said...

I'm not sure of the P63 & MTO but I like the part after that - makes me think of musicians and their instruments, whether or not the musician plays the instrument or the instrument plays the musician

JM said...

Glad you survived June! :-)
It's good to have you back!

Dina said...

OK, I read the poem. That's all I can say.
But I do know it is good to have you back, Cath!

kenflett said...

Giving more of the beast in you Catherine. i like the dirtiness of it.
i like your writing.

CathM said...

@Michelle: Thanks for reading and commenting :)

@Printemps: Indeed... it feels good to be back!

@Gerry: ‘conceit and synesthesia’ --- I like your thoughts and reading of the poem.

@Annie (Strawberry Girl): It’s amazing the poetry that emerges out of a simple ‘walk’ around the block. Finding poetry in the literature and images from: buildings, signs, internal and external conversations, posters, leaflets, car number plates, etc. – there’s so much energy and resources floating the streets. I really enjoyed finding this poem...

@Lissa: Thanks for your comments. There is a grand music college next door to MMU where I found a lot of this poem including the quotes. Interesting your uncertainty about the car no. plates. Unfortunately, blogger doesn’t allow indentations because that bit is presented slightly differently on the page in the original text. I wonder if that would make a difference to your thoughts on it.

@JM: Thanks for stopping by. It’s good to be back!

@Dina: Thank you for visiting and reading. It’s lovely to be back!

@Ken: Indeed... I guess I’m ‘pushing boundaries’ (smile). I’m liking your interpretation and reading of the poem too :) ps and as I've mentioned musing over your work is really inspiring me (i.e. my work) to be much more... presenting new and uncomfortable perspectives... seeing the world the 'wrong side up' (lol)!

LORENZO said...

As a poet, I don't think there is such a thing as "a simple walk around the block". It takes you over and makes you look differently at your surroundings. And I think that is why this one comes off as very strong.Good class for you...all the best. LL

lissa said...

@CathM - I don't think I would have gotten the license plates even with indentation, guess I'm just not as intune as you, I suppose I was more into the music part of the poem

Ghost Dansing said...

this is an extremely kewl poem..... i don't know what the number sequences mean but that is even better..... hmmm synesthesia seeing music is...... you only live once

Greener Bangalore said...

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Lilly said...

Woo hoo she's back. Oh I am loving this poem. Glad you survived your busy month.

Caryn Caldwell said...

Good to see you back again! Glad you survived the busy month. As for found poetry, I love it! So much fun to play with.

Anonymous said...

This is one of those poems where I'd like to be inside the mind of the writer to see what they see. This is very unique in voice and delivery. It has a jazzy spoken word feel to it. I can imagine you visualizing music as you walk around your environment and the license plate references are clever.

Ponderer said...

Welcome back Cath, we've missed you :) Cheryl

Printemps said...

Catherine, Your Blog is my favorite blog For spontaneity and soul evoking