Saturday, 6 June 2009

Re: Off the Bloggy Radar!!!

Dear readers

Just to let you know that I’ll be off the radar (blogwise) this June due to a manic work schedule (weekday+weekends) – teaching, tutoring and exam marking (on top of study/workshop commitments)... ArrrgggHhh! I take this opportunity to apologise for my absence this month as I will not be commenting on blogs as regularly as I normally do – although, I will be reading your posts whenever I can :) Do bear with me and stay connected as I’ll be back in earnest by the start of July... posting fresh stuff here (hopefully!) and responding to your blogs. Until then... I wish you all a fruitful bloggy month :)

And, in the meantime I leave you a picture of a fountain in Albert Square, Manchester where I can be found passing through most days to'ing and fro'ing from one commitment to the other (lol)! [Incidentally, if you click on the image and view it large... you might spot a Starbucks in the corner of the frame... yep, I am often buying a grande cafe latte from that very Starbucks... I'm needing lots of caffeine at the moment to get me through my gruelling daily schedule (rueful smile!)]



Dina said...

It's a heavy load. Wishing you time enough and strength to bear it. Just a little while longer; July is almost here. See ya then.

lissa said...

enjoy your time away from blogging, come back when you can...

Strawberry Girl said...

That's how it goes sometimes, I wish your month goes well for you. :D

Linda S. Socha said...

Enjoy Cath...July is just around the corner...Wishing you smooth sailing through all work needed!


rebecca said...

Enjoy your time away, we'll be here when you return. I, too, have not been blogging as I normally do due to commitments that are taking up most of my time.

I love the picture and it serves as a reminder of how much I miss working in the city! Oh, I envy you!


Rogue said...

If ever during your stop at at Starbucks, a man winks at you, and says hello with a Canadian accent, smile. hehehehe. Though I shall miss you Cath, take care of life so that life may take care of you. Be happy and return to us with wondrous new poems and stories. Till then, I remain, your devoted bloggy follower,
Andrew xxx

Ponderer said...

Take time for yourself as well Cath, and enjoy a wee bit of summer. We'll be here when you return
:) Cheryl

Christopher Raun Leth said...

Even though you're off the radar I've left a little gift for you on my blog :-)

Cynthia said...

Hey Catherine, Thanks for the
photograph. I'll be right there
with you starting July, with much
of the same schedule. Accept I'll
have a Starbucks Iced Tea.

Printemps said...

As you pass through most days to'ing and fro'ing from one commitment to the other...remember us...we bloggers...for we will make your life better with our fruitful bloggy month! LOL!

Have a wonderful month Cath!

Cynthia said...

Hi Catherine, I realize you are
basically off the radar but I would
be remiss if I didn't beg you when
you have a handful of minutes to
spare to join my poemflesh play
challenge. It doesn't have to be
long- pretty please.

Vancouver, Canada said...

Miss You Cath :(

That's a heavy workload gal! You will have to take it easy in July..treat yourself to a lovely well deserved spa treatment!

Await your return..until then take good care and kudos to Starbucks for giving you the energy to get through this busy month!

Much Love to You,

Sandy xx

Rush said...

the very best in whatever u take up in the meantime..will see u back in sometime soon


Be well.
Stay sane.

Caryn said...

Hope you're having a great month! You DO sound busy. May you at least have that feeling of accomplishment that can come with getting a lot done. That can be pretty satisfying.

Lilly said...

You are going to be busy - good luck with all of that. Summer holidays coming soon.

I love the fountain and the weather looks great too. At least I will be able to catch up with your posts now you are having a break. I was busy and now am back commenting. See you soon. We will all still be here!

Anonymous said...

enjoy your busy month!!!