Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Long Overdue... BLOG AWARDS!

Finally… I’m passing on the wonderfully affirming ‘Bloggy Awards’ that I have received in the last six months or so. There are many noteworthy bloggers that I visit regularly (and who stay connected with me) – just check out my blog list :) HOWEVER... in line with the ‘spirit’ of forwarding on blog awards... I have decided to keep it simple by nominating 5 blogs per each award! The bloggers I have passed on these awards to - through their blogs - have touched or affected my life in one or more of the following ways (since I started my blogging journey the autumn of 2007 - pre-empted by a devastating event in my personal life that year):- ... show a generosity in spirit ... keep it ‘raw and real’ ... ooze with individuality... are a fount of creativity (in words and images)... are a channel of inspiration ... and/or... provide a kool bloggy connection or friendship...

I take this opportunity to thank all those who stay connected with me... and to share some blogs that I regularly visit and enjoy on my bloggy journeys through the presentation of these awards. Please click on the highlighted names or blog titles to peruse their sites (and do excuse the inconsistency in colour coding).


The Best Blog Thinker Award… From Linda & Cynthia

“This award acknowledges the values that every blogger displays in their effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values with each message they write.” I pass on to…

  1. Maithri at The Soaring Impulse
  2. Lilly at A Voice on Fleming Road
  3. Ken at Shaping Stones
  4. Christopher at Christopher’s Photos
  5. Paula at His Ways Are Not Our Ways
The Lemonade Award... From Rebecca, Grace and Tracy-Ann
"The Lemonade Award is for sites which show great attitude and/or gratitude!"
I pass on to…
  1. Michelle at Colour My World
  2. Christopher at View From the Northern Wall
  3. Calli at Within Shades of Grey Exist A Place
  4. Faith at Just Hawkweed on the Hill
  5. Melissa at Musings


Blogging Brings Us Closer Award… From Maithri

“This award recognizes connections and friendships that come about through blogging.” I pass on to…

  1. John at Smoke Rings and Matterings
  2. Annie at Creatively Written
  3. Dina at Jerusalem Hills Daily Photos
  4. Andrew at Rogues Retreat


The Zombie Chicken Award From John

“This award acknowledges bloggers who regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to read their inspiring words.” I pass on to…

  1. Rebecca at Just a Thought
  2. Khaled at Khaled KEM
  3. Chuck at My Quirks & My Compass
  4. Cynthia at Epiphany: End Note
  5. Lilly at Lilly’s Life


[Awarded blogs... please feel free to do what you will with the said awards. As usual, I set no rules... but I wanted to share my appreciation of you and your blogs through this post :) Please copy award images from my side bar :) Thank you! ps apologies if I don’t manage to visit your blog and ask you to come collect your award before you spot it on this site.]

pss please do inform me if I've made an error with links, etc... this post has taken me forever to create (lol). I made a start when I got home at 10 pm this evening and it's almost 1 am (in the UK)... so, I'm sure I've made some mistakes somewhere... lol... anyway, do let me know... thanks!


Michelle said...

Oh cool! Thank you Catherine :)

Strawberry Girl said...

Thanks Cath, I would pass you a zombie chicken, but I'm sure you don't want more of those hanging arounds... :D

Anonymous said...
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Christopher Raun Leth said...

Thank you Cathrine, that was a very nice surprise. I've got to try to live up to the honor :-)

Khaled KEM said...

Thank you Catherine. I am honored to receive that award from you. It has an interesting name as well!

I do really appreciate it.

Faith said...

Thank you so much Catherine:-) So kind of you. This post must have taken you hours to do!! I have been enjoying your blog so much. You certainly deserve all the awards!!

Calli said...

Hey Cath, You're a gem to think of me. Thank you very much for the award! I am honored to receive!

~ Calli :)

Lilly said...

A Zombie Chicken Award - well I am honoured!!! Sorry I have been missing in action on your blog. Actually I have been a bit of a zombie of late so....the award is probably fitting. Now to catch up on some posts.

Dina said...

Thanks for the award. I'm glad it's in the connection and friendship category!
Your comment just now was just what I needed, a sign of friendship and understanding. And your words were prophetic! Just a few minutes ago a totally unexpected email came from my daughter in the hotel in Seoul, where they and the jet lagged kids wait for the next flight down to Australia.
Thanks for your encouragement, dear Catherine.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Thanks so much, Catherine. I'm very much known for being a "thinker"...sometimes not for the better...thinking and analyzing too much!

I always enjoy your encouraging comments on my blog about my writings.

Cynthia said...

Thank you Catherine!

Rogue said...

Thank you so very much Cath. I truly appreciate it

Linda S. Socha said...

Wonderful post Cath.....Hope life is moving in the direction of your desire...All is well in Nashville

Lilly Jones said...

Cath, thanks so much. My motivation certainly comes from you and I appreciate all your great encouragement. You articulated it so well and I do really want readers to perceive the cultural, ethical, literary & personal values & spirit of my blog. You're the best! Lil

CathM said...

You are all VERY WELCOME. The awards given are all well deserved!I just love staying connected with you guys :)

@Ken, Lorenzo, Sandy & Suzette: You are most WELCOME to my blog space.... and it’s lovely to have you on board as ‘blogging comrades’!

christopher said...

Cath, thank you for this award. I don't post them but I always appreciate them. I keep them in a folder all their own.